Steve McDaniel, LeMons Rally Boss

Ike chats with Steve McDaniel, the man in charge of the LeMons Rally, a road-going offshoot of the 24 Hours of LeMons racing series. Steve started as a frequent LeMons racer, which led to judging some of the races, and finally being put in charge of the new LeMons Rally series. The first event last year took teams through Death Valley, quite intelligently at the hottest time of the year in August. This year, two events will feature a retreat from Moscow (PA) to Paris (TN) (with Roadkill in attendance), and an endurance run from Monterey, CA to Washington state and back. Steve shares good strategies and interesting stories from last year’s event, including how one team saved the life of Luigi on a Suzuki 200 motorcycle in Death Valley. We also hear about Steve’s adventures outside of LeMons, such as riding a Tuk Tuk across India (I imagine it looked something like this) and how traffic there resembles the beginning of Futurama.

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This won’t be the last you hear about the LeMons Rally. We have plans…

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