The Mitsubishi Evolution X Still Tops for Fun Factor

Maybe you're not a subscriber to Everyday Driver's YouTube channel. If you are you'll have seen they just released a new episode where they pitted it against the Volkswagen Golf R, Subaru STI and the now retired Mitsubishi Evolution X in a showdown for king of fun.

As much hype as the Focus RS has received, it may come as a real eye opener that 9 years later, the Mitsubishi Evolution X is still the leader if you’re looking for smiles. The Evolution X shines with it’s mechanical engineering and urge to go without apologizing for the tin-can it’s designed around. It’s compared more to the Nissan GTR than it is to the other three.

It’s like a bunch of kids picking on some retired old guy and they don’t realize that he’s a retired assassin. – Everyday Driver

If it sounds too good to be true, well, it’s not all sunshine with the Evolution X. Especially the Final Edition. Watch their video below to see what I mean and let us know how you feel about the Evolution’s demise.