Who Should UCS Interview?

The time has come for me to ask all the listeners, fans, and people who happen to stumble upon this article to suggest, people, companies, businesses, museums, basically anything remotely car related, for me to find someone to interview. This time I’m gonna add a little twist, The plan (if you listened to the podcast your already aware) is to do product reviews on the show. So if you know a product service or anything else, you want me to try before you buy, let me know.

I’m also going to be looking into merchandise, and want to know what you would prefer; stickers, T-Shirts, key rings, hats, something else?
I’m open to all suggestions ideas and criticisms!

Thanks everyone for listening, at over a 100 episodes in I’m so thankful for every one who listens, thanks for making me a very happy little Podcasters, I hope to be bringing you bigger and better things going forward!