Mike Garland of Carlisle Events

Ike sits down with Mike Garland of Carlisle Events, the home of several major car shows in central Pennsylvania. Mike tells us how Carlisle Events was founded by two guys who got thrown out of the Hershey, PA car show, and has since grown to host some of the largest automotive events on the east coast. We hear about what Mike does for Carlisle, how he got involved with them in the first place, how he accepted the job with them during another interview, and how not being a car guy himself actually helps him do his job. Mike tells us a bit about what the fairground is like. It’s not just a bunch of cars in a field. Carlisle brings some of the people who designed the cars to the shows so owners can meet them. There is on-site camping for some events, vendor installs, and driving events such as autocross, drifting, and burnout contests. I’ve been to a few compact car events at Carlisle myself, including their first autocross, and I can vouch for what a good time it is.

Mike tells us about some of Carlisle’s upcoming events, such as the Import and Performance Nationals, as well as the first Hurst nationals, encompassing all of Hurst’s collaborations regardless of auto manufacturer. Finally, they discuss the best place to eat in the Carlisle fairgrounds, why Hardee’s burgers are so difficult to eat, and, in true Stef Schrader style, the best restrooms.

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