Announcing RFD-T’s!

It’s a big day at Right Foot Down!  We are announcing a new partnership with Track Monkey Apparel to bring you monthly shirts and hoodies for lovers of cars, motorsports, and automotive culture!  Each RFD design is offered for a limited amount of time and all orders are shipped after the ordering deadline.  We’re kicking off this automotive venture in conjunction with The Fate of the Furious with an ode to the movie that started it all:


Overnight Parts from Japan

Race Wars is coming. You owe your bro a 10 second car.
You have a 2JZ engine but that’s about it. What do you do?

You overnight parts from Japan!


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Toretto's Market & CafeForget Fat Burger, we know you come here for the best tuna in town. On white, no crust, of course. It’s a damn landmark, it’s Toretto’s Market and Cafe. Just try not to hit on the staff. Oh, and watch out for Vince, he’s kind of an asshole.


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We Want You!

Well, your designs at least.  Want to see your own shirt design up here, contact us and let us know what you’re thinking.  You’ll get a generous cut of the profits if it goes live.  Text ideas, sketches on cocktail napkins, or some basic Photoshop (or MS Paint!) are all accepted.  We use a fancy vector image for the final high quality print job, so don’t spend too much time on it.  We just want to get a sense of where you’re headed, our graphics specialists can help make it a reality.