Impromptu Photoshoot with the 2015 WRX

Just ran out and snapped these on top of my office’s parking garage. I got lucky and found a spot that nobody had driven through and backed up in to a spot that I felt had the best lighting. I’m using a 35mm f/1.8 with a circular polarizer on a D7000 and had some major issues with back focusing so I resorted to manual focus. Took about a hundred shots to get a dozen or so focused good enough. All shots were with aperture priority and I used a third stop back as to not over expose the photo.

Since I’m don’t have my primary laptop I had to resort to Apple’s iPhoto app for touching up. I used the editor to remove the footprints in the snow and increased the shadows a bit to bring out a more natural look finally dialed up the contrast to not have the mid range blown out. That’s it. No wacky post processing sun flare. Export as highest quality JPG and uploaded to flickr.

If I had Lightroom installed I probably would have added a little gradient to the sky to bring back some blues and added an ever so slight vignette. If I was a pro I would have used a huge reflector to lighten the dark side of the car.

Anyway, critique away if you like! And to see all of my WRX’s mods and build specs check out the profile