NAIAS 2017: Interview with Albert Biermann about the new Kia Stinger GT

Deep in the heart of a largely abandoned…err…up-and-coming part of Detroit there lies a secret. The Korean automaker Kia Motors, known for value, not performance vehicles, just dropped a Brembo-laden soju bomb on the Motor City. The Stinger GT. We were there live and got a chance to chat in-depth with Albert Biermann, Kia Motors’ Head of Vehicle Test and High Performance Development.

You’ve heard Albert’s smash hits singles: the BMW M3 and M5. As of 2016, Biermann can be found at Kia’s headquarters in Namyang, Korea. He spearheaded the all-new Stinger GT’s chassis and performance development that concluded with testing at Germany’s Nurburgring. If that doesn’t give you optimism about Kia’s direction, we don’t know what will.