Six Months of Ownership and One Thing I HATE About my 2008 M3

Nine months ago I began my search for a V8 powered M3. I had a budget of $30,000 and my only hard requirement was that it was a non-sunroof car and had no major accidents. I know what you're thinking. That doesn't really narrow it down much and leaves quite a few options open. Transmission, for example. To DCT or not to DCT? Body style - four doors for more whores?

The search was on and I often found it difficult to tell if dark colored coupes had a sunroof or not because the carbon fiber roof would blend in. And then with sedans, well, they didn’t get the carbon fiber roof, which made nearly every listing a mystery. I spent hours decoding VINs to tell if the car had the sunroof option.

And when I did come across a car with the right specs and in the price range, it was either states away or I’d call and get the “Yeah, you just missed it!” deal. The few that popped up locally seemed to sell within minutes. I shit you not. MINUTES. Then, one Wednesday afternoon I saw a new local listing appear that was priced to sell quick and I jumped on the cheapest E92 M3 for sale in the country at the time.

That was six months ago. Now I’ve racked up 6,000 miles and have had plenty of time to get a solid feel for the car and its quirks. While I still strongly stand behind the decision to purchase my 2008 M3 there are things potential buyers should know about the 2008 model year specifically.