Lets Talk About Exhaust Modifications for the E92 M3

If there's one modification we can use to identify an automotive enthusiast it's this. A modified exhaust. No matter the car, no matter the country, THAT is a guy (or gal) with a little more fuel in their blood stream than the average Joe. Modifying the exhaust is the gateway drug of the tuner scene. There's so much to be gained from a proper exhaust that it'll leave you wanting more and more. You might be living in a tiny one bedroom apartment but you'll have the sickest ride in town!

As for the BMW M3, there are plenty of options when it comes to exhaust modifications. Some more worth the time and effort than others. That’s what I’m talking about today. Here is an exhaust primer for all S65 powered M3’s (2008-2013 model years). The exhaust manifolds flow well. There isn’t a point in touching them. The manifold connects to an X-Pipe that is equipped with four catalytic converters, the leading pair creates a bottleneck. The last portion of the exhaust is the catback with the muffler and there isn’t much to be gained here other than sound.

All tuners will tell you to lose the primary cats to gain measurable power. About 20 to the ground measured by a dyno. That’s not bad for a mod that could set you back less than $400. And it will give the exhaust a deeper, meaner note that everyone will notice! What you don’t hear is how that bright yellow Check Engine Light will follow, staring you in the face every time you go for a drive. Sure, you can eliminate it, but be prepared to throw down another grand.

Yes, let it be known – the BMW Tax is real but thanks to the aftermarket there are some viable options. Watch the video and if you’re familiar with exhaust modifications on these cars please leave a comment!