Video: Stock Scion FRS versus Turbo Scion FRS, Street Comparison

“The Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ have plenty of power!”, said nobody ever. Now with our hands on both a factory stock Scion FRS and a fully modified turbo Scion FRS, along with a bucket of audio and video equipment, we’re going to find out exactly how good the GT86 platform can be. This isn’t a track comparison. These are street cars and we’re out to see how much better a fully tuned FRS can be measured by the seat of the pants. #ButtDyno

A huge thank you to Sapan for letting us drive his turbo Scion FRS. The car has a complete turbo kit with all supporting hardware and was built by PTUNING in Manassas, VA. You can check out all the details of Sapan’s FRS by visiting his Wheelwell page here.

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