Never Forget That The Toyota 86 Exists

Always remember: Toyota and Subaru will sell you an affordable, straightforward, rear-wheel drive sports car. Never forget how driver-focused these things are, because one day, we’ll look back at them and wonder where we went wrong.

The Toyota 86, along with its mechanical twin, the Subaru BRZ, are free from semi-autonomous tech, infuriating driving assist systems, and continuously variable transmissions. These cars were not designed to carry your groceries, your baby, or haul your mountain bike. And they’re definitely not there to convince your spouse you’ve made a logical purchase. Because there’s nothing sensible about them.

These cars exist for one thing, and one thing only: drive. They’re imperfect, impractical, and not particularly innovative. But you shouldn’t give a shit. Consider yourselves lucky to still be able to buy this breed of automobile.

I wrote a few words on the Toyota one, go check it out.