Just Wait and Buy a Tesla

Let’s all be honest with ourselves here, if we could all afford it, we’d all be driving a Tesla Model S by now. How can you possibly not want this car? It’s got a beautiful and practical design, neck-snapping performance, it’s loaded with technology, and, oh yeah, no more fuel.

Oh, sure, the Model S doesn’t burble and spit flames like a good-old American V8, but let me tell you, there’s still something utterly satisfying about stepping on the go pedal and getting instant torque that shoves you into your seat. Nevermind the fact that the whole car feels and sounds like a Japanese high speed train. The Model S is not a golf kart, it eats Hellcats for breakfast. It’s the future. And to be totally honest, after driving one, I couldn’t help but wonder why it would matter to buy anything else powered with gasoline.

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