Volvo S90 All the Luxury Cars

Please, tell me: what hasn’t been said about the new Volvos yet? Ever since the XC90 was released, there’s been an aura of awesomeness around the Swedish carmaker, and the Internet has gone berserk about it. And now, thanks in part to fresh Chinese money, Volvo is on a mission to build the sexiest, safest, most innovative Scandinavian cars and trucks in the history of the automobile.

The first car to inherit this new ethos, is the flagship S90 sedan. And the first thing you should know about it is that it’s not a crossover, or a wagon, or even a hatcback. It’s a car. A damn fine car. It also happens to be one of the most gorgeous interpretations of what a modern luxury sedan should be.

In case you haven’t seen my review of the thing, you can find on Clavey’s Corner. And yes, the headline represents everything totally insane about that car: it turned more heads than if I had been driving a supercar. Go check it out.