The 2017 Toyota Yaris iA Proves Anything is Better With a Manual

The Yaris IA has had a long journey, it’s parents being both Toyota and Mazda.  Scion was there too, but we don’t talk about him, it was kind of a weird party.  The result was this, a 1.5L 4-cylinder sedan with 106 horsepower which doesn’t sound like much, but with a curb weight of just 2385 lbs. it’s literally a ton of fun (…plus 385 lbs.).  You would assume that, based on its well-equipped interior, it would have an option list longer than my….CVS receipt, which is usually incredibly long.  But it doesn’t. In fact there are NO options on this car.  At just under $16,000 its basic transportation at its best, or most regular.

Or is it?  Behold a manual six speed transmission.  Yes! Glory to the manual, and a Mazda manual at that.  Which is one of the best.

So this Mazda 2 clone, that used to be a Scion, but now is just a Toyota, is a lot of car for the money.  It’s not particularly pretty, but it’s more interesting than the average econobox.  And it’s got a lot of great stuff on the inside.

Screw it, this requires something much more special than just a normal review.  It needs a power drawn from the best reviewers in the world.  The most regular, one take, full of quirks and features review possible.