Why Buy a Range Rover When a Volvo XC90 R-Design Exists?

When the 2016 Volvo XC90 first came out, it was one of the rare new vehicles to really have an impression on me. And that was just from looking at the pictures online. As car geeks, we tend to get bored from seeing new cars. It takes a lot to be impressed.

And then there’s this: the R-Design version of the XC90. Not only does it further accentuate this Swedish SUV’s super model appearance thanks to different front and rear bumpers, 20-inch wheels and a seriously insane shade of blue paint, it makes you wonder why you’d pay 20 to 30k more for a Range Rover Sport.  I mean, look at this thing. In fact, the XC90 is so good, that it’s the first vehicle I’ve given a perfect score to.

That being said, the new benchmark in the luxury SUV segment is no longer German or British, it’s Swedish. And that feels amazing to write. Click here to read my full review.