Would You Buy a Chevrolet Volt Over a BMW 3-Series?

It’s a weird question, I know. But did you know a Chevrolet Volt costs about the same as an entry level BMW 3-series? $40 000 (CAN) for an electric car with a range extender. Makes you think doesn’t it? Fine, you’ll be getting money back from your beloved government if you buy a Volt, and you’ll probably almost never pay for gas again – if you’re smart.

But still. BMW 3-series.

So here comes the continued battle between wants and needs. We all know what we’d go for first: the Bimmer, of course. But you’d be surprised at how fun to drive the Volt actually is. To my pleasant surprise, it’s not a boring appliance on wheels, but rather a nimble, playful, and rather quick little car. Smash that throttle, and that electric motor will slam you deep into your seat with violent low end torque – it’s all rather addictive.

Yes but, I’d still get the Bavarian. It doesn’t prevent the Volt from being a very good automobile though. Go check out my full review.