2017 BMW M2 On Track Review

I'm not a fan of the new BMW M cars. But will a 2017 BMW M2 and a wide open Dominion Raceway change my mind about the latest M car?

Its no secret that I like love BMWs.  I’ve even owned a few, like this E46 M3, this 535i, this 328i, and this E92 M3.  And that’s not even all of them, just the ones we’ve featured here on RFD.  So while I’m driving an R32 GT-R at the moment, my heart is still in Bavaria.  Which has made the past several years difficult.  Turbochargers have replaced high revving inline 6’s and V8s and BMW has not campaigned hardly any M cars in actual motorsports events.  That was the pedigree that brought me to BMW in the first place, and now it’s missing.

So is there no hope?  Or can the new M2 give me some of what I’ve been looking for from BMW?  We had Dominion Raceway all to ourselves to find out.  Check out the video to see if this is a story of redemption or is BMW just chasing sales?

  • Brent Dolan

    Sounds the part! Debating whether it can really pull double duty as the DD, canyon and track car – seems like my two car 228i/Z4M setup is still a winner so long as I have the garage space.

    • William Byrd

      That’s a pretty solid 2-car setup. I’ve driven the M2, helped film the video, I think it’s compliant enough on the street to be a good DD and it definitely has the canyon/track angle down. We were pleasantly surprised.

      • Brent Dolan

        I was finally able to get behind the wheel of an M2 on a proper CA backroad. Wow. This car is so planted and stable, it just picks up speed and makes some decent noise too! A great proposition for a do-it-all DD/Track/Canyon car, but it definitely lacks the soul of the older makes. Hard to beat the hydraulic steering, S54 and low slung coupe I am afraid.

        Now more confused than ever…

        • Josh felt the same. I don’t think he’d actually buy an M2. Keep your Z4M!