PTUNING S2000 vs GT86 Dyno Day

The folks at PTuning have been developing and refining their turbo kits for the Honda S2000 and GT86 platform for years. They have a state of the art in-house dyno room and tuning these cars are what they do best. When it came to hosting a dyno day for the Mid Atlantic S2K Club and Mid Atlantic 86 Club, there was but one choice.

Overcast was the forecast and luckily no rain to ruin the meet. It was business as usual in the front of the shop but out back is where the party was at. Next door to the shop was a brewery and a food truck rolled up because we all gotta eat. All makes were welcome to the meet but for obvious reasons S2000 and 86 owners received preference on the dyno. Only 12 spots for the dyno were available and dyno pulls came with AFR (air/fuel ratio) readouts.


Who will come away the dyno king? All I know is I want to see some cool cars and take photos. Off we go.


The first Honda S2000 I crossed was owned by Freddy at PTuning. It’s not just a good looking daily driver but it also sees a fair share of track time.


Like I was saying, the party was in the back. There wasn’t a parking space available and most were already inside the shop watching the cars lay down some dyno pulls.


The owners of these two Honda S2000’s must be buddies. Both share the same carbon fiber hardtop roof and the decision to color match gives it quite a clean OEM appearance.

At first glance you’d think this old BMW 2002 found the wrong meet but if you look closer you’ll find while it’s got a roundel on the outside…

On the inside it Honda powered as indicated by the S2000 gauge cluster.

Classics like this offer the ultimate slate and this build was far from your average BMW 2002.

At the end of the row were three of only 699 Honda S2000 CR models produced. The Club Racer has a host of improvements over the standard model to enhance it’s performance. While the chassis was stiffened, weight was reduced by 90 pounds and with the revised aerodynamics it’s said that lift was reduced by 70 percent or more.

Horsepower was not increased however Honda did change one thing about the drivetrain – the shift knob. It sits 12.6mm lower and reduces the already perfect throws by about 10 percent.

One of these things is not like the other. Actually, nothing about this car was like anything else in the sight. Especially the noise. This Mazda stays true with a 13B wankel engine and a large single turbo. Just listen.

Meanwhile on the next row over there becomes a blend of GT86’s in the S2000 mix. This Scion FR-S has side skirt extensions, rear diffuser, front slitter and Brembo brakes tucked under light weight wheels with stickier tires. Mild but worth while improvements over factory.

Frozen blue with a black roof looks great on the 86’s. When I first saw it I was hoping it was a carbon fiber roof which would have been ultimate. But it as just painted or possibly wrapped.

On the back side of the lot I spotted this gem of a project. The ultra low offset wheels and Federal tires should be an indication that this car hits above it’s weight class. The turbo confirms suspicion. You may just be looking at the dyno champion.


A crowd had gathered around Ptuning’s dyno room as supercharged and turbo equipped cars rolled on the dyno. This particular S2000 was looking full-on business.


Then a similarly modified Subaru BRZ took the stage and put down a stout number. I won’t post it here but if you run up on this car on the street or in your rear view mirror at the track, be prepared.

Back outside was an Amuse ladened Honda S2000. This is one wild S2000.

And it put down equally impressive numbers on the dyno.

Bonus Images