New Isle of Man Production Car Lap Record Set By 2015 Subaru STi

Subaru has just shared a video detailing Mark Higgins’ record-setting run at the Isle of Man TT in the 2015 Subaru STi. The record-setting 19 minute and 16 second lap held an average speed of 117.5 mph over the 37.75-mile course. According to Subaru, the WRX STI was nearly stock except for a few necessary upgrades such as the FIA-spec roll cage, a racing set with harness, a fire suppression system and modified springs and dampers. And of course stickier tires were used and the speed limiter was removed… which raises a question about just how “production” the engine was for this run. If they go in to remove the speed limiter, why not increase the boost a little at the same time? Nah, Subaru wouldn’t have done that.

Subaru STI Isle of Man TT Paddock

Josh Taylor