Hunt Valley Horsepower (Cars & Coffee)


Saturday mornings across the country, car enthusiast’s prep their cars in the early hours of the morning to take them to events known as Cars & Coffee. My local event is known as Hunt Valley Horsepower.

Across the country these events usually fit into two categories, they either are on the grounds of a car dealership sponsoring the event, or they can be unofficial and sometimes quasi-legal meets that happen in empty parking lots.  The founder of Hunt Valley Horsepower, Rich Williams, decided to go a more professional route. He created an LLC for his cars & coffee and brought in partners and automotive related sponsors in the area.  He also got permission from the owners of Hunt Valley Town Center to host the event on their property.

Speeding is not allowed, burnouts are not allowed, even revving your engine is not allowed. Safety is paramount at these events, too many events have been shut down around the country due to someone showing off. The purpose of this event is to enjoy cars and car culture.  Though I attend Hunt Valley Horsepower most Saturday’s during the warmer months, even one of the more low key day like this one show a broad scope of the people and cars in attendance.

When I arrived the first thing I noticed was the trio of a McLaren MP4-12C, an Audi R8 V10, and a Martini-livery’d Porsche 991 GT3.


Usually at this event, even military vehicles like this tank even show up (and usually get the most love) and the owners allow kids to climb around on, and in, them.

A fucking tank

Then the Porsche 991 GT3 RS we featured last week also showed up.

Porsche GT3 RS Porsche GT3 RS

Then my love of V8’s begins to show with the next few.

C7 Corvette ZO6 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon Chervolet SS Chevrolet Camaro Dodge Hellcat motor

If flashy old school is your style.

Big pink thing

If regular old school is your style.

old green thing

I am a fan of cars that look the part inside and out.  The guy in the Jaguar actually brought coffee.

Jaguar F-Type R interior Audi R8 interior Nissan GT-R interior

Oh yeah and there was an Alpha Performance Nissan GT-R.

Nissan GT-R engine

Along with the featured cars above, there is always your share of modern and old school V8’s, Subaru’s, Honda’s, Toyota’s, etc. Regardless of what you drive, if you are a car enthusiast you and your car are welcome.  If you attend, or plan to attend, Hunt Valley Horsepower be sure to reach out in the comments below, we would love to chat.

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