A Ford GT on a Focus RS, and the Stig

Focus RS and the Stig

How do you use your upcoming halo car to sell your upcoming regular cars?  You put a picture of said halo car on your upcoming regular car.  Well, regular is relative in this case as we are referring to the upcoming Ford Focus RS.  Right, the 2.3L EcoBoosted 300+ horsepower AWD with launch control and “drift mode” Focus RS.  Ford recently trotted this one-off design RS out, complete with livery supplied by Forza Motorsport gamers and featuring the new Ford GT supercar.

The event, sponsored by Microsoft, was held in Cologne, Germany just ahead of Gamescom – the largest interactive games trade fair in Europe.  As you’ve probably seen, the new GT will grace the cover of the latest Forza iteration, Forza Motorsport 6.  As I said, this is how you halo.  Take note Acura.

Oh yeah, and the Stig was there too.

Focus RS and the Stig 20150803_MW_Ford_RS_Seite Focus RS and the Stig Focus RS and the Stig Focus RS and the Stig Focus RS and the Stig

All images courtesy Ford.

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