Spotlight: Herb Lumpp’s 1966 Chevelle SS

When on the topic of track-day toys we don’t often think of the 60’s. A few months back while walking around the local car show in Sterling, VA on a Friday evening I found a unique GM A-body owned by Herbert Lumpp. Herb acquired this 1966 Chevelle SS from a friend in non-running condition as trade for Herb’s ’76 Corvette. The Chevelle was completely torn down and rebuilt into what we have today – a total track monster.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 071_rfd
The internally forged 468ci engine sports AFR 305 heads, a .612″ lift cam and an 850CFM carburetor mounted atop of an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 061_rfd
A McLeod Street Twin clutch and flywheel combo puts the power down through a TKO-600RR transmission while a Ron Davis Racing radiator keeps the temperatures in check.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 001_rfd
The result is a whopping 620hp and 570tq. Top speed? 170+ MPH.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 005_rfd
Out back you’ll find a Fab9 rear with Richmond 3.25 gears and a True Trac differential turning 31 spline Stange SS axles.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 049_rfd
A combination of SPC and Global West suspension components keep body roll to a minimum while brakes courtesy of the C5 Corvette slow this Chevelle down from 175 MPH. Yes, those are Forgeline SP3P wheels which are held in place by ARP 1/2″ studs.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 032_rfd
Then there’s the aerodynamics. A custom front splitter supplies both down force and additional brake cooling while a rear trunk spoiler applies sufficient (we hope) down force to the BFGoodrich 295’s.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 030_rfd
Herb’s future plans include converting to electronic fuel injection, converting to a hydraulic clutch, tweaking the suspension a bit, and getting as much seat time as possible.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 089_rfd
Look for Herb’s Chevelle on the cover of magazines, cruising around northern Virginia or blowing your doors off on a road course. Fantastic car Herb!