Chasing a McLaren P1 – Fresh McLaren P1 Wallpaper

Orange McLaren P1 Accelerating

This is what happens when talented photographer Gil Folk takes a McLaren P1 through Death Valley. We all get new McLaren P1 wallpaper.

Or more like what happens when you attempt to chase a McLaren P1 through the desert. Not much else on earth can keep up. Try snapping a shot like this at mid apex.

California’s Death Valley is such an extraterrestrial setting. Simply perfect for a Volcano Orange super car.

And the McLaren P1 was right at home in this other-worldly landscape. Very Mars’ish, is it not?

WARP SPEED! You know you would.

The natural sun light brings out the best of the McLaren P1’s volcano orange paint.

Such a brilliant super car, this McLaren P1. To see more or purchase prints visit Gil Folk’s website