Acura is Keeping Cool Paint Colors Alive

Having a halo supercar like the Acura NSX that we just tested is one thing. But the ability for a mainstream company like Honda/Acura to turn that into dealership sales for more pedestrian vehicles is another. To do that, you need to align your sedans and crossovers to that supercar somehow. Enter Acura’s bespoke Performance Manufacturing Center, aka “PMC”. They take cars like the MDX and TLX and ship them to Marysville, OH where NSX engineers take it from there.

I got a chance to drive the TLX PMC and it was pretty fantastic. Now it’s the RDX’s turn, and the multi-layer paint process this go-around is Thermal Orange Pearl.

Some companies still have interesting colors, but mostly on sports cars. Acura still offers cool color options like this, although the RDX PMC will be limited to just 360 units. You’ll get the A-Spec version’s sport appearance package paired with the top-level features of the Advance Package. It looks pretty great.

RDX PMC Gallery