The Mid-Engine Dodge Viper That Never Was

The Dodge Viper is no more, sadly.  But did you know that at one point there was going to be a mid-engine version?  As we all pay close attention to the new mid-engine Corvette undergoing testing, this new revelation over at Hagerty shows what could have been.

Mid-engine Viper Mid-engine Viper

Chris Theodore, former Chryslers general manager of the small car platform in Chrysler engineering sat down with Hagerty and explained whole sordid story.  It involves each of the big three as well, Corvette envy spurred the discussion at Chrysler that they might need a mid-engine layout and Theodore eventually landed at Ford and helped produce the 2005 Ford GT.

The specifics of why the mid-engine Viper didn’t work get pretty technical, basically they started by producing both forward and rear facing engine designs.  In the end Chrysler President Bob Lutz wasn’t impressed and the project was discontinued.  Theodore kept the fire burning and eventually was successful at Ford giving us the Ford GT.

It’s quite a story of what could have been!