New Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato Costs $7.47 Million, Doesn’t Include Rear Windscreen

Aston Martin has just unveiled the new Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato in full, after previously unveiling it in the form of sketches. But you can’t buy it, regardless of who you are. You only get your hands on one if you buy the “DBZ Centenary Collection” for £6 million (around $7.47 million), which also includes a 380 hp DB4 GT Zagato Continuation car, complete with a 4-speed manual transmission.

While the DB4 GT Continuation is an exact replica of the original, there is nothing old-school about the DBS GT Zagato, which is mechanically identical to the regular DBS, if a DBS could ever be described that way. That means it has the same 5.2 liter V12, with 715 hp and a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.

The differences between the standard DBS Superleggera and the DBS GT Zagato is purely in the way they look. The Zagato looks reasonably similar to the Superleggera, but they don’t appear to share any body panels. There are two obvious differentiators; the first is the grille. It’s wider than on the standard car and is has active grille shutters. 108 of them to be exact, made of carbon fiber, naturally. The second is a new carbon fiber roof, which extends right down to the trunk lid, with no rear windscreen. To ensure owners don’t accidentally reverse into street furniture, it comes with a rear-view camera, which is displayed on a conventionally-placed interior mirror, as opposed to an infotainment screen.

The DB4 GT Zagato Continuation cars will be made this year, with production of the DBS GT Zagato beginning 2020. But if you want them, you better place your order soon- they’re only making 19 of each, and you can’t buy them separately.