3-D Artist Renders Audi R4 Concept

Rene Garcia from San Francisco, CA, is a very talented graphic artist and these 3-D renderings of an Audi R4 concept from earlier this year, which could be the baby brother for the Audi R8, are proof positive of his skills.

These images, from  Corcoran Portfolios are incredible.  Personally, I think Audi should hire this guy and use these as the basis for the new A5/S5/RS5.  View his entire portfolio here, he has some other cool stuff, my favorite being a funky little Honda Sportswagon Concept.  Certainly more interesting than anything Honda is currently producing, at least of those with four wheels.

Back to the R4, here are some of the renders including a street version and a race version.  What do you think, would this fit into Audi’s lineup?  If so, where?  How much should it cost?  In the meantime, stay tuned to RFD for a video review of the brand new S5 Cabriolet!

Audi R4 Concept by Rene Garcia












Header and other images via Corcoran Galleries.

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