Green SN95 Mustang GT on Drag Radials

A Mustang GT, Bottle in a Bag and the Ocean City Car Show

Years ago a buddy of mine — we’ll just call him Kevin — had a metallic green 1996 Mustang GT that was semi-setup for drag racing. It had the basic bolt-ons for the time. Headers, catless X pipe, Borla side exhaust, under drive pulleys, 3.73 gears, and 26″ tall Mickey Thompson ET Streets… skinnies up front. It was just about as much as you could do to the 4.6 SOHC engine without the 99+ head swap or forced induction. Both of those options were expensive and being that money was tight he bought the next best thing — a Compucar nitrous kit dubbed the Bottle in a Bag. Continue reading

E46 M3 Autocross

First Autocross with the E46 M3

It’s been a minute since my last autocross. As in 2009. That was the year, not how many minutes have past since my last event. With all the things going on in life I did manage to get out recently and attend an autocross hosted by the Capital Driving Club at Regency Stadium in beautiful Waldorf, Maryland. The sun was shining, temperature was in the high 70′s and a light breeze made it perfect for a day outside. Continue reading

White Toyota Supra MKIV Burnout

Top Ten Favorite Asses Under $100k

Perhaps there is a reason why automotive designers spend so much time perfecting the rear end of their car. They are ass men. Or women. It’s true, just click the link if you don’t believe me.

As a lover of the rear end, myself, I decided to put together my personal top ten favorite asses obtainable for under $100k. A lot of thought and revision went in to this list. I wasn’t going to list the same car twice, even if from different generations.

You won’t see the Lamborghini Gallardo on this page. No Stuttgart badges to be found, either. There are many gorgeous cars that didn’t make the cut because it didn’t have the butt. So without further adieu … Continue reading


One of the longest held 0-60 records of all time

Think back and remember all the greatest supercars; the McLaren F1, the original Koeniggsegg, Ferrari F40 and F50, the Saleen S7 and so on. Now think of how quickly they can reach 60mph; blistering fast, most in the low 3-4 second range. Of all these cars and of all the supercars that you could get, which do you suppose held the title for fastest 0-60 for the longest amount of time? McLaren? Ferrari? Nope, none of those. Continue reading

2014 Mercedes-Benz 1.6-litre turbo

A Revolutionary Turbo Design Straight from Formula 1

If you haven’t been following Formula 1 in 2014 then you may not be aware that Mercedes Benz has developed something extraordinary. A two piece, or split design turbo. Quite simply, it places the turbine in front of the engine and the cold side, known as the compressor, on the opposite side connected through the center of the engine via a shaft. It is a revolutionary design with many benefits.

First, by placing the turbine up front it can be cooled by the incoming air inlet. Second, the placement now allows for smaller intercoolers and less piping which means less turbo lag for less reliance on KERS. Because of the smaller piping and intercoolers, the body work can be narrower to reduce aerodynamic drag. Then there is the transmission, now free of the turbine’s heat, can be placed closer to the engine for better weight distribution and balance.

Watch the video after the break. Continue reading


Road Trip Anyone?


In the past few decades, flight prices have come way down making the family road trip obsolete. This is sad, because 1) I don’t get to annoy my brother and family anymore with music or on day 7 get to the point of complete loopyness. And 2) because it’s another shovel of dirt on the car as a viable means of transportation. However, while researching flights over the weekend I have come to the conclusion that flying is no longer the most cost effective way of travelling across the country. What this means is, everyone start packing, Its “Independence Week” and WE’RE GOING ON A ROAD TRIP! Continue reading


USA vs Belgium – Production cars

Unless you’ve been living under a carburetor, you probably have heard that the USA Men’s National Team is taking on Belgium tomorrow in the FIFA World Cup round of 16.  We missed our opportunity to do a comparison of US and German production cars last week, but this time we’ve done it!  Kicking off “Independence Week” here at RFD you’ll find a full on consumer review of Belgium’s crop of enthusiast cars.  And after the jump you’ll see how they compare to some of our best!

Continue reading


Why Aston’s new concept is just another tease in a long line of teases


After waiting for what seems like at least two weeks, we finally got a picture of what a future Aston Martin could look like, presented to you adoring non-rich fans by Gran Turismo. The car is gorgeous, just like most Aston Martins, except the Lagonda, that’s gross. This new concept is a 2 seat, mid engine British rocket ship, that has some of the craziest rims on the face of the planet. The car features an open glass roof that allows the occupants to slowly be turned into a mass of pulled pork human. Interesting sidenote, in cannibal societies, human meat is often referred to as long pork! Really, look it up. Continue reading

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