Tow/Camera Vehicle Comparo – Expedition vs. Suburban

Here at RFD we like our cars fast, light, and agile.  The trucks in this comparison are none of those things, but they are very good at a lot of other things.  Our current camera vehicle is a 2008 Suburban LTZ.  It has seen duty chasing, and being chased by, BMWs and Porsches among others.  But it’s got some miles on it, and it may be time to replace it.   So is the latest big SUV offering from Ford better than our Chevy?  Let’s find out. Continue reading

Porsche 911 BMW M3 Honda S2000 in Garage

Natural Progression of Performance Car Ownership

Lately I’ve been looking at the Porsche 911 as a possible replacement for my M3. Sounds like a logical move, right? BMW M3 owner moves on to Porsche 911. Nothing we haven’t heard before. But why look at the 911 now when I could have looked at them eight years ago instead of buying an NSX, or the Corvette, or the STi, or whatever the hell else I bought? Perhaps there is a natural progression to car buying. Continue reading

Preparing the Gap

Shooting the Gap in a WHAT?!

As if the Lamborghini Gallardo passing on the outside mid turn wasn’t enough…then, WHOA out of nowhere! Did ANYONE get the license plate number on that thing?!

And you know what it was? It wasn’t another Lamborghini and it was not a Corvette. It was a Continue reading

Targa Trophy Acceleration Video

Acceleration sounds from modified Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes Benz’s and Porsche 911′s.

This video features the acceleration bits from one of the favorite car events in SoCal, the TARGA TROPHY. It’s such an awesome event even if you aren’t participating in the actual rally.

This was by far the BEST turnout at a Targa Trophy. It’s evident in the video, as there are accelerations/drifts/burnouts from ALL different types of cars from JDM to exotics, from European to American. Enjoy!!

Apple CarPlay Could Cause Problems

Apple CarPlay Could Cause Headaches

I’m no luddite when it comes to in-car technology. I enjoy what techno goodies that have seeped into today’s cars. Hands-free phone calls are convenient and listening to Spotify thanks to Bluetooth connectivity is wonderful.

I like it even more when that technology is out of the way.

That’s why Apple’s unveiling at last week’s Geneva auto show has me worried about the future of in-car technology. While it’s no surprise that Apple’s answer to crappy infotainment systems from automakers is smartphone integration through their new CarPlay system, I have doubts that it will solve many of today’s problems.

Continue reading

bmw sunroof

Carbon Fiber Sunroof Delete Panel Installed in the M3

If you want the ultimate M3, you’ve got to have the M3 CSL’s carbon fiber roof for the most weight savings where it matters – up top. If your M3 has a sunroof you can either replace the entire roof with a carbon fiber skin like the CSL or replace the factory sunroof with a carbon fiber panel insert. The carbon fiber sunroof delete panels can be found for under $400 and can be installed in just a couple of hours with nothing more than your basic hand tools. Continue reading

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