BMW E46 M3 vs. Focus ST Part 2

When last you left our intrepid RFD’ers, we were comparing the new hot hatch 2014 Ford Focus ST with the perennial used car champ, the BMW E46 M3. At the end of round one, we had assessed that the Ford had sharper inputs and was greater fun at slower speeds. Despite the M3 being a coupe, both deliver a practical format with the edge in space going to the ST. But we needed to get off public roads to really push the cars to their limits and come up with a winner.

So in part two we subject them to the crucible of motorsport – autocross! Which car will win? Watch the video (in 1080p) to find out! If you enjoy, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Black Porsche 997 Carrera S

Test Drive of the C6 Corvette, E93 M3 and a 997 Carrera S

It was a beautiful Thursday in northern Virginia and I could tell the wife was expecting me to come up with some outdoor entertainment. No problem. I fired up the AutoTrader app and found three fast cars within just a few miles that she’s never experienced. We’re going test driving!

The first car I locked in was a C6 Corvette and the same dealer also had an E91 M3. Just down the street from this dealer was a 997 Carrera S I’ve been eyeballing.  She’s always liked how the Corvettes look so I figured this C6 would interest her. The M3 could go either way.  Unfortunately, the 911 is not a car she’s ever been fond of from a styling perspective, so my hopes were not high for that one. Continue reading

Hidden Brake Duct on Mustang

Filming Underway for New Video Series

On August 9th we began filming a truly unique Mustang GT for an upcoming new video series focused on street cars built for twisty roads. While we can’t share all the beauties of this beast just yet, we have decided to upload a short teaser video made from footage recorded on day one. We’ll be sharing more pictures and short clips as we continue to film over the coming weeks so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Green SN95 Mustang GT on Drag Radials

A Mustang GT, Bottle in a Bag and the Ocean City Car Show

Years ago a buddy of mine — we’ll just call him Kevin — had a metallic green 1996 Mustang GT that was semi-setup for drag racing. It had the basic bolt-ons for the time. Headers, catless X pipe, Borla side exhaust, under drive pulleys, 3.73 gears, and 26″ tall Mickey Thompson ET Streets… skinnies up front. It was just about as much as you could do to the 4.6 SOHC engine without the 99+ head swap or forced induction. Both of those options were expensive and being that money was tight he bought the next best thing — a Compucar nitrous kit dubbed the Bottle in a Bag. Continue reading

E46 M3 Autocross

First Autocross with the E46 M3

It’s been a minute since my last autocross. As in 2009. That was the year, not how many minutes have past since my last event. With all the things going on in life I did manage to get out recently and attend an autocross hosted by the Capital Driving Club at Regency Stadium in beautiful Waldorf, Maryland. The sun was shining, temperature was in the high 70′s and a light breeze made it perfect for a day outside. Continue reading

White Toyota Supra MKIV Burnout

Top Ten Favorite Asses Under $100k

Perhaps there is a reason why automotive designers spend so much time perfecting the rear end of their car. They are ass men. Or women. It’s true, just click the link if you don’t believe me.

As a lover of the rear end, myself, I decided to put together my personal top ten favorite asses obtainable for under $100k. A lot of thought and revision went in to this list. I wasn’t going to list the same car twice, even if from different generations.

You won’t see the Lamborghini Gallardo on this page. No Stuttgart badges to be found, either. There are many gorgeous cars that didn’t make the cut because it didn’t have the butt. So without further adieu … Continue reading

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